Secure and reliable remote access - wherever, whenever, however

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Giving remote workers secure
and reliable access to your business
from anywhere

CudaLaunch is an application for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices that provides mobile workers secure remote access through a Barracuda CloudGen Firewall to their organization’s private cloud applications and other sensitive information. CudaLaunch looks and feels the same on every platform and provides fast, Java-independent access to commonly used applications in the company network, regardless if hosted on premises or in the cloud. As an app, it provides a familiar setup and install experience for end users.

Once an end user starts the app, a swipeable launchpad provides quick and easy access to internal applications and favorites. If needed, users gain transparent network access via TINA VPN connections.

Designed to be completely self-configured, CudaLaunch includes convenient central management for large deployments and integrates with the powerful security features of the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall . For IT administrators, the provides one place to manage security policies for all types of remote access (CudaLaunch, SSL VPN, Barracuda Network Access Client, and standard IPsec). The end user experience is consistent across all platforms and remote-access types, which lowers support costs and makes CudaLaunch easy to you. Self-configuration and VPN connection management are effortless and reduce the need to configure VPN connections on iOS and Android manually.

Easy to Use

Manually configuring VPN connections is a cumbersome task that oftentimes leads to solutions with “creative” workarounds that ultimately neglect security issues. CudaLaunch was designed from the ground up to create an undeniably convenient tool that has an innovative swipe interface and rich, app-based end user experience. A “favorite” feature provides end users with quick access to frequently used apps and VPN client connections. Unlike MDM solutions, CudaLaunch requires no enrollment or control of private mobile devices – it’s just an app.

Easy to Manage

System administrators love how CudaLaunch provides Zero Touch Deployment for easier central management. Remote workers use a variety of mobile platforms that change rapidly, with each change bringing massive management overhead to maintain connectivity. "Old" SSL VPN solutions are not designed for these new devices, manual VPN connections are both expensive to support and a security risk, and MDM solutions are very expensive to buy. Our Zero Touch Deployment handles these frequent changes to client platforms for you. Application updates are automatically distributed via app stores and any configuration changes are automatically detected by CudaLaunch. For easy management and large deployments, CudaLaunch is fully integrated with the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall’s powerful, unrivalled central management and security tools.

Self-configuring Connections

Remote workers want remote access to work from anywhere, at any time, and from any mobile device. But whereas remote end users demand ease of use, system admins need to maintain security. Bear in mind that 90 percent of remote devices are insecure and potentially toxic BYODs that should not be directly add to your network. CudaLaunch’s “Progressive Enhancement” securely provides remote access to BYODs by allowing only just the right level of network access for individual users and use cases. There is no need to provide full VPN access to every risky BYOD. In addition, CudaLaunch integrates seamlessly with the CloudGen security features (e.g., Network Segmentation, Malware Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, URL Filter, DNS Sinkhole, etc.) to keep the corporate network and end users protected.

Rich Connectivity Options

CudaLaunch gives organizations access to internal apps via the SSL VPN resources, which are published securely by the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall. As a replacement to outdated and insecure Java applets, CudaLaunch also provides automatic Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) app launching via SSL, with no Java or VPN connection required. Additionally, end users can use CudaLaunch to create a client-to-site VPN connection from their mobile device to the corporate network. On iPads and iPhones, CudaLaunch creates and manages IPsec connections via the built-in iOS VPN IPsec client. CudaLaunch even creates high-performance TINA or IPsec client-to-site VPN connections.

Please note that CudaLaunch requires an active Advanced Remote Access subscription. For evaluation purposes, one concurrent user license is included with every Barracuda CloudGen Firewall.